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Sewer Taps

Sewer taps are an important part of any home plumbing system. When it comes to repair, replacement and maintenance, no one knows them better than the team at Waters Edge Plumbing Service in Midland Texas. We’re proud to be one of the West Texas home plumbing experts, and we offer our plumbing services to any residential property. Our technicians can be counted on for fair pricing, quality work and service that treats your home and yard as if it was our own.


What Is a Sewer Tap? Sewer taps are the connection point between your home’s main sewer line and a municipal water system. They are responsible for forming a tight seal and ensuring no water leaks into ground. Generally, they require no further maintenance, although like all plumbing fixtures, they can erode over time, come loose or wear away. When this happens, replacement is typically the only option.

What is involved with a Sewer Tap Installation? If you’re building a new home or converting an existing one from a septic tank to a municipal system, installing a sewer tap is an important part of the process. Waters Edge Plumbing can provide sewer tap installation for properties in Midland, Odessa, and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians can take care of the process from start to finish, from obtaining the necessary permits from your municipality to performing the installation, testing and final fill-in. Contact our team directly for more information.

What is involved with a Sewer Tap Repairs? As noted above, sewer taps can wear out over time and require replacement. Often, the problem will go unnoticed until it’s brought to a homeowner’s attention by a municipal inspector. Other times, it will be diagnosed during the course of routine work or as a result of other plumbing problems. One way of expediting the diagnostic process is through a video inspection. This technology, available through Waters Edge Plumbing, allows our team to pinpoint the issue quickly, eliminating other potential causes and allowing repairs to begin immediately. Once the problem has been located, correcting it involves digging a small trench and replacing the tap with a new fixture. Often, a municipal inspection will be required to confirm the work has been done.

When you need to replace or repair a sewer tap, Waters Edge Plumbing Service in Midland Texas can make the process as simple and seamless as possible. With 20 year of Plumbing Excellence throughout the Midland & Odessa area, we are available to provide cost-effective, professional sewer tap service at your home. Contact our office today for more information.

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